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Membership Benefits

RHA will accelerate financial and environmental benefits from renewable hydrogen:

  • Increased sales at higher prices for electric utilities selling into wholesale power markets now depressed dominated by renewable resources.
  • The higher value for renewable generation that is beginning to otherwise saturate wholesale power markets.
  • A source of non-fossil fuel for gas pipeline systems struggling to find alternatives to natural gas.
  • Making renewable electricity available to displace fossil fuels, implicitly creating long-term storage through conventional storage infrastructure.
  • Accelerating economy of scale price reductions in the electrolyzer industry by boosting deployments in North America.
  • Bolster resiliency in areas at risk from fossil fuel interruptions by providing locally sourced fuels from renewable power.

RHA will connect you to other leaders in the renewable hydrogen industry

Using surplus renewable electricity to make climate-neutral hydrogen has a multitude of stakeholders: electric and gas utilities, electrolyzer and hydrogen fuel vehicle manufacturers, fertilizer and other hydrogen-based industrial processors, renewable energy developers and manufacturers, and environmental groups. RHA is where this diverse group of stakeholders come together in common cause to develop this new resource. Together, we make this happen. RHA will host annual conferences at steeply discounted prices for members.

Membership Brochure (click image to download):

Work with other industries and industry leaders advocating for renewable hydrogen

RHA adds a potent voice advocating for renewable hydrogen with regulators, utilities, and legislators to emphasize the vital role of hydrogen in making the most efficient use of renewable resources and taking decarbonization beyond the electric grid. Members are kept up to date on legislation and regulations that may affect their business.

RHA members fund education and outreach to affected stakeholders and government entities

The growing importance of renewable hydrogen and rapidly declining costs are not widely known in North America. RHA members fund educational outreach to all stakeholders, spreading the word that hydrogen is coming and urging participation in laying a foundation for this vitally important new industry. RHA will provide an easily accessible repository for the accelerating body of studies and data on renewable hydrogen, a convenient resource for entities looking for the latest information.

RHA members have access to renewable hydrogen news in one convenient location

RHA will maintain a news blog, selectively sorting through the barrage of news to find the most relevant information so you don’t have to.

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