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Strong and respected advocacy to advance the renewable hydrogen sector in the Pacific Northwest

RHA has a respected and strong voice in the region advocating to legislators, regulators and state agencies on the vital role of renewable hydrogen in creating more value add to the use of renewable resources and taking decarbonization beyond the electric grid.

Members help create RHA’s legislative and regulatory agenda and are kept up to date on legislation and regulations that may affect their business. State legislative policy successes that directly benefit members to date include:

    • Public utility district authority to produce, distribute and sell renewable hydrogen
    • Removal of MSRP cap for fuel cell electric vehicle sales tax credit
    • Renewable hydrogen project eligibility for 100% Clean Energy program compliance
    • Inclusion of hydrogen fueling for generation of fuel credits under Clean Fuels Program
    • Oregon Department of Energy authority to conduct a study on the benefits of a renewable hydrogen industry in the state

RHA connects you to other leaders in the renewable hydrogen industry

  • RHA connects members to a diverse group of stakeholders who come together in common cause to develop renewable hydrogen as a new resource, including electric and gas utilities, electrolyzer and hydrogen fuel vehicle manufacturers, fertilizer and other hydrogen-based industrial processors, renewable energy developers and manufacturers, lawyers, clean energy and clean transportation advocacy groups, hydrogen associations and environmental groups.
  • RHA members virtually engage through regular committee meetings (Technical, Commercial Development, Policy, Transportation, Communication) to network, contribute to RHA’s work, and learn from each other.
  • Access to conferences, webinars and other learning and networking opportunities sponsored by RHA, and discounted entry fees for members to other industry conferences and events.

RHA educates and does outreach to affected stakeholders and government entities

  • Renewable hydrogen is an exciting, but still nascent industry. RHA members fund educational outreach to all stakeholders, spreading the word that hydrogen is a vitally important, multisector solution for decarbonizing our economy.
  • RHA keeps an updated, easily accessible repository on our website of studies, data, and podcasts on renewable hydrogen – a convenient resource for members looking for the latest information.

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