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Renewable hydrogen is key for achieving the clean energy and transportation economy

What is renewable hydrogen?

What Is Renewable Hydrogen?

Renewable hydrogen is made by passing renewable electricity through water to separate H₂O into hydrogen and oxygen. Instead of fossil fuels, renewable hydrogen uses non GHG emitting energy like wind, solar and hydropower to create hydrogen that can be used for power generation, transportation fuel and industrial processes.

Who we are

Who We Are

RHA is a non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association with over 80 members. Our membership includes hydrogen production and fuel cell equipment manufacturers, fuel cell vehicle manufacturers, labor organizations, project developers and utilities.


Our work

Our Work

RHA engages in policy advocacy and education and outreach to regulators, legislators, the environmental community, and other stakeholders to advance renewable power to climate neutral fuels as a critical step to reducing dependence on fossil fuels across a range of sectors: energy, transportation, industrial processes and agriculture.

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of the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance.