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Member Committees

RHA has several committees, but participation is open to members only. Members participate in committees to increase their knowledge in areas of interest, meet and connect with other industry leaders, inform and direct RHA’s advocacy efforts, increase and demonstrate the value of membership to employers and to share knowledge.


The RHA Technical Committee explores engineering and technological opportunities and challenges relating to producing, storing, transporting, and utilizing climate-neutral fuels to replace fossil fuel use.


The RHA Policy Committee explores policy and regulatory challenges and changes needed related to advancing and growing the renewable hydrogen economy. Its Washington and Oregon subcommittees establish and pursue RHA’s legislative agendas in those legislatures with member input.


The RHA Commercial Development Committee explores opportunities, contractual issues and business practices that are necessary for wide-scale deployment of renewable hydrogen production, distribution and end-use.


Nel to slash cost of electrolysers by 75%, with green hydrogen at same price as fossil H2 by 2025 (Collins, ReCharge, Jan 21, 2021)

Green Hydrogen Backers See Opening in Biden Climate Ambition (Lee, Bloomberg Tax, Jan 9, 2021)

Hydrogen fuel cell train planned for Scotland (Sandle, Digital Journal, Jan 9, 2021)

  (Casey, Clean Technica, Jan 1, 2021)

Green Energy Will Need More Storage Space (Toplensky, The Wall Street Journal, Dec 29, 2020)

It’s time to start wasting solar energy (Coren, Quartz, Dec 29, 2020)

The Gospel of Hydrogen Power (Furchgott, New York Times, Dec 28, 2020)

12 Days of Content: Renewable Hydrogen Alliance (Sampson, H2 View, Dec 23, 2020)

Green hydrogen – how Hong Kong can be a leader in the fight against climate change (Low, South China Morning Post, Dec 21, 2020)

Scottish Government pledges £100m to hydrogen industry (Penman, Energy Vice, Dec 21, 2020)

Gigawatt-scale: the world’s 13 largest green-hydrogen projects (Collins, ReCharge, Dec 21, 2020)

Federal government proposes regulations for Clean Fuel Standard (The Canadian Press, CBC, Dec 20, 2020)

Alpine Ski World Cup premieres hydrogen-powered snow groomers (Kieckens, Innovation Origins, Dec 18, 2020)

Canadian Pacific to pilot hydrogen-powered train to decarbonize freight transport (The Canadian Press, CBC, Dec 18, 2020)

Airbus reveals hydrogen ‘plane pods’ concept (Morgan,, Dec 17, 2020)

ZeroAvia secures massive zero emission airplanes funding from Amazon and Gates (Bergenson, Hydrogen Fuel News, Dec 17, 2020)

Canada unveils hydrogen strategy to kick-start clean fuel industry (Williams, Reuters, Dec 16, 2020)

H2Accelerate – new collaboration for zero emission hydrogen trucking at mass-market scale (Smodej, Daimler, Dec 15, 2020)

Why green hydrogen is the renewable energy source to watch in 2021 (Jacobo, ABC News, Dec 13, 2020)

Toyota’s fuel cell-powered Class 8 truck is going into service in LA (Hyatt, Roadshow, Dec 10, 2020)


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RHA Renewable Hydrogen Fact Sheet

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association fact sheets

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Fact Sheet (US DOE)

US DOE Fuel Cells and Hydrogen fact sheets

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