identifying and addressing power to gas policy issues

The RHA Policy Committee is responsible for prioritizing and pursuing policy initiatives. In its first year, RHA was able to get legislation passed in the State of Washington conducive to developing electrolyzer loads in the state. SB 5588 authorized public utility districts to own and operate renewable hydrogen production and distribution facilities. Other bills promoting electric vehicles were expanded to include fuel cell vehicles operating on renewable hydrogen as electric vehicles.

Policy Principles

The cost of producing hydrogen and other fuels from renewable electricity will fall with continued investment in electrolyzer technology. As a result, RHA advocates policies that enable a continued stream of investment to reach parity with fossil-sourced hydrogen. Achieving that goal will require policies that encourage building hydrogen infrastructure, and policies that encourage use of zero carbon hydrogen.

RHA believes that a reasonable beginning set of principles include:

  1. Fuel cell electric vehicles based on electrolytic hydrogen are electric vehicles and should be eligible for at least the same level of incentives accorded battery electric vehicles; and
  2. Creation of clean fuels from electricity should be treated as energy storage and covered by any incentives and mandates accorded to competing energy storage technologies (e.g., batteries, pumped hydro, etc.).

Policy Priorities

RHA is still formulating its policy priorities. It has developed a preliminary list of desirable policies and is in the process of establishing priorities and policy subcommittees to begin pursuing the identified priority policies. The Policy Committee is open to RHA members. Please consider joining to help establish and contribute to the policy efforts.


Events and Meetings

RHA WA Policy Subcommittee Meeting 12/3/20 12-1 PM PST

Contact RHA for meeting info.